Grid-tie With Battery Back-up is the same as a grid-tie connected system, but involves the use of a battery bank to store power in case of a power failure. This type of installation allows you to have electricity to your property even when the grid is down. The size of your battery bank determines how much power you will have and for how long.

Off-grid systems are generally called stand-alone systems and are not connected to the utility grid. 100% of your electricity is generated by your solar energy system which is custom designed for the amount of electricity that you consume. Solar panels provide power during the day and also charge a bank of batteries that supply power at night or when the weather is really poor. These systems are most common in remote locations without utility service and can provide electricity for a number of applications such as homes, cottages, outbuildings, RV's, or agricultural pumps, gates, security systems, and traffic signs.

4 Great Reasons To Use Solar

More and more people are choosing to use solar energy to power their home or business. With electricity rates gradually rising, a national carbon tax in place, incentives, and the price of solar equipment at an all time low... solar power is a very attractive alternative for clean and affordable energy!

Free Power:  Installing a solar powered energy system for your home or business can dramatically reduce or eliminate your electricity bill! Solar panels have a known life expectancy of at least 50 years and most panels carry a manufacturer's warranty of 25 years! So while electricity rates continue to rise for the average consumer, solar energy users enjoy free power from the sun over the lifetime of the system! Businesses profit from lower operating costs and home owners save thousands of dollars on their energy bills!

Increase Value:  Saving money on your electricity bill is only one benefit of using solar energy. Most people are not aware that a solar power system will increase their property value as well! In most cases, value is increased much more than the cost of the system installed! Homes and businesses also sell quicker with a renewable energy system in place!

Reduce Emissions: Our environment also benefits from the use of solar power. Instead of burning fossil fuels that pollute our atmosphere to generate electricity, solar panels generate electricity with zero pollutants at all! The average household will reduce 2-5 tons of carbon emissions released into our atmosphere each year!

Incentives:  Alberta now has a program that will lower the cost of installing solar panels on homes and businesses. The Small Solar Photovoltaic (PV) program will build on programs already available for farms, municipalities, and Indigenous communities by extending solar PV incentives to the rest of the province. Please visit  for more information.

Which System Is Right For You?

Grid-tie is the most common type of installation used for home and commercial applications. With this type of installation, there are no batteries and your solar energy system is connected directly to the utility grid through a bi-directional meter. The meter measures how much electricity you give and take from the grid and the difference is calculated on your monthly energy bill. The larger your system, the more electricity you produce and more money you save. You can literally have a net zero energy bill at the end of the month or even a possible credit in which the electric company pays you for the electricity!