HESPV solar modules provide reliable battery charging in all Canadian climates. Their rugged design makes them a popular choice for industrial systems, remote homes and RV battery charging systems. These panels are supported by a 10 year mechanical warranty and 25 year power output warranty.

HESPV solar modules, with high efficiency crystalline solar cells, offer high charge current at a voltage suitable for both summer and winter temperatures. The cells are bonded to a special tempered solar glass for watertight integrity and a deep anodized aluminum frame makes them strong and rugged for all Canadian environments.

Jinko Solar modules are backed with a 25 year performance guarantee and will help you produce reliable clean energy for years. Jinko Solar has deployed more than 5.5 GW of solar modules around the world. With facilities using fully automated PV production, and strict adherence to rigorous testing methods, these modules have the highest bankability in its class.

CSUNsolar modules are made using only the highest quality poly-crystalline solar cells, and are designed and manufactured by a Tier 1 industry leading supplier. High transmission glass is used to take advantage of increased light diffusion and snow-shedding abilities. The strong, anodized aluminum frame creates a rigid body to support the module in any application. The solar cells are laminated in a weather resistant package that is approved by discerning European and North American markets.

Lumos Solar products are designed to make solar integration easier for installers and more appealing for the aesthetic standards of today’s home and business owners. Lumos was born in Boulder, Colorado when a group of solar installers realized there had to be better ways to integrate solar energy into everyday life without waiting around for tomorrow’s technologies.


• The frameless design creates a more elegant low profile appearance
• No grounding lugs or continuous module equipment ground
• Perfect alignment which speeds installation time
• Tamper resistant mounting and effortless weatherproofing integration
• Available black and clear backsheets for aesthetic options for different applications

Solar Panels

Hanwha SolarOne solar panels have been a popular choice for home and commercial solar power system installations in Canada for some years. The weather-resistant frames are constructed and treated for endurance in rugged weather conditions including water exposure, wind pressure, hail impact and snow load.


• Highly Bankable: Proven field performance with strong company financials.
• Industry-Leading Warranty: 12 year workmanship, 25 year linear performance warranty.
• Positive Power Sorting: Predictable output of 0 to +5W.
• Robust Design: Certified to withstand high snow loads, up to 5400 Pa, and available for 600V or 1000V applications.
• Made in Ontario: Reliable solar modules that meet domestic content requirements.

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