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Where Experience Shines Through


Vibrant Solar Solutions is proudly owned and operated by professional Electricians that specialize in high end solar power installations. As a top-tier company, we deliver these superior products to our customers through experience, integrity, and best in class workmanship!


Our Services

As a full-service electrical contracting company, we make going solar easy. No matter what size or type of solar project you need for your home, business, or farm, we'll take care of everything from start to finish!

Grid-tie Solar

These systems are the easiest and most economical way to utilize solar energy for your home or business. Meant to offset your power bill only, we design and install grid-tie systems that save you money and allow the quickest return on your investment! 

Hybrid Solar

Add batteries to your grid-tied system for increased security and energy independence! We install these systems to provide emergency back-up power for when the grid goes down, and to also reduce your power bill even further by using stored solar energy at night!

Off-Grid Solar

For the ultimate freedom from the electrical grid on rural properties, or for remote project locations that need power. We install code compliant solar energy systems that provide reliable electricity for any project outside the grid!

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We custom design solar energy systems to accommodate the unique requirements of every customer. 

Go Solar With Us



We design your system with value in mind so you receive the quickest return on your solar investment. Our goal is to keep equipment and labour costs down without sacrificing performance or quality!


We treat every jobsite with the utmost respect. Our crews are always careful not to damage any property and are committed to maintaining a clean and safe work environment!


Our #1 priority is to always put our customers first and deliver what is promised! You can always rely on us to provide great customer service and ongoing technical support!

Solar Panels


To ensure you get the best performance out of your solar PV system for many years, we only use CSA approved equipment, then back it with our industry leading all-inclusive warranty!

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